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Teeth Whitening

Before and after photo of teeth whitening treatment done at San Francisco Dental Arts in San Francisco, CAYour teeth create a first impression when you meet someone even before you get to talk to them. This is very important because people may judge you by your smile and no one wants to create a bad impression. That is why if your teeth get stained, you might become self conscious and your confidence level may go down. Teeth whitening is a procedure that bleaches your teeth several shades lighter. This process can be done at home or in the clinic by a dentist. However, do-it-yourself whitening involves a lot of risks and is highly discouraged if it is not overseen by a dentist.

Dentists are trained for this process and understand how it works, that is why this treatment is recommended to take place in a dentist’s office. If you need a teeth whitening procedure, visit our clinic San Francisco Dental Arts and get it done by a professional. San Francisco Dental Arts offers a range of different whitening procedures to increase your confidence and self-esteem from qualified dentists trained in teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures. It is the bleaching of teeth to increase the whiteness of the enamel. The effectiveness and treatment required for teeth whitening differs from person to person, and our dentists can advise you on the best solution for your requirements. Teeth whitening home kits and salons may offer the promise of whiter teeth, but can be ineffective and risky. Home kits not authorized by the dentist will not provide the proper treatment, and salons offering the service do not have a certified dentist administering the procedure.

Whitening Procedure

An initial appointment will need to be booked in order to assess whether your teeth are suitable for whitening. Teeth with crowns, or oral cavities with gum disease, will be unsuitable for teeth whitening. One of our dentists will be able to tell you if your teeth can be whitened, and will ask you what shade of white you are hoping to achieve.

Our dentists will create teeth whitening trays based on measurements we take of your teeth. The dentist will take an image of your teeth and custom make a mouth guard. You will be required to use the mouth guard to apply gel we use for teeth whitening.

Another method is laser treatment where a product is applied on your teeth and then a special light is used to activate bleaching. This method takes a very short time to achieve desired results. When the teeth whitening session is taking place, the dentist will ensure the protection of your gums from the bleach before starting the blue lamp that activates the bleach placed on your teeth. Either way, your teeth whitening appointment should last about two hours. Once finished, our dentists will give you kits to maintain the teeth whitening at home. They should only need to be used every six to nine months.

Teeth whitening is not painful, though there may be a bit of sensitivity during, and few days after, the procedure. This is why it is important to have teeth whitening done by our registered dentists, to ensure guidelines are obeyed strictly. Our dentists can recommend toothpaste suitable for sensitive teeth if needed.

Why You Should Whiten Your Teeth at Our Clinic

When you have your teeth whitened at our office you will receive faster results. The dentist uses a more concentrated solution than the one in-home kits provide and can also apply other techniques to make teeth whitening faster. This ensures that desired results are achieved in a short period of time.

Our professionals understand how teeth whitening works as opposed to doing it at home where you have no idea how the ingredients work. This means that there are lower risks involved. When you come to our clinic, the dentist will first examine you to determine whether your oral health is suitable for a teeth whitening procedure. Your teeth are also cleaned to get rid of plaque.

Effects of Teeth Whitening at Home

At-home teeth whitening may take a longer period of time to get the results that you want but when done by a professional, it takes a short while to achieve the results. The kits used for teeth whitening do not go deep into the tooth to whiten as compared to equipment used by the dentist. This means that the results are short-lived. You may come across information from the internet that advises on the use of ingredients that are not tested. These ingredients may cause a lot of harm to your dental health.

Abrasive products like hydrogen peroxide if used uncontrollably may shrink the gums and wear out the tooth enamel. This results in pain in gum and tooth sensitivity. The use of bleaching products may cause pain or irritation especially when you have underlying dental issues. If you mistakenly swallow the products used with in-home kits, you may burn your throat and stomach. This can lead to complications and long-term effects. For these reasons and risk factors, we do not recommend at-home teeth whitening that is not ordered and directed by our dentists.

Maintenance For Your Pearly Whites

Drinks such as wine, coffee, tea and green juice can stain the teeth and cause discoloration. For a brighter smile, avoiding these beverages will prevent staining of the enamel. Plaque also discolors the teeth, especially when it is allowed to build up significantly. Brushing your teeth twice a day for two minutes, as well as flossing regularly, will ensure minimal plaque buildup. Talk to one of our dentists to learn the best flossing and brushing techniques. Regular dental exams, every six months as advised, can ensure cleaner teeth. During these appointments, our dentists can clean any plaque or tartar that has built up over time, which was perhaps difficult to remove. This will help keep the teeth whiter, and help maintain the bleaching that has been administered.

Teeth whitening’s effectiveness depends on the condition of an individual’s teeth and how many sessions they would like to have. Teeth whitening is more effectively done within our dental office, rather than with home kits. Home kits have a legal limit to the chemicals they can use, whereas our dentists are qualified to use stronger chemicals, safely, to provide a more effective teeth whitening.

On the fence about teeth whitening? Book a consultation session with us here at San Francisco Dental Arts and we can talk you through the details: 415-854-9396.

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San Francisco Dental Arts offers different whitening procedures to increase your confidence and self-esteem from qualified dentists trained in teeth whitening.
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