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BioClear Veneers
San Francisco, CA

Bioclear® Veneers can make a significant difference in the look of your teeth using a whole new treatment style. In fact, these veneers set our dental team apart from those who provide typical bonding procedures. Instead of porcelain shells, we create the veneer using the 3M Bioclear product right then and there. Treatment is fast, customized and a more conservative option. We think you’ll love the difference!

At San Francisco Dental Arts, we see that the Bioclear veneer technique has revolutionized dental restorations. This treatment brings new dimensions to aesthetics and function through conservative, cutting-edge procedural advances. It provides affordable options with long-lasting, superior results.

The Bioclear Method Helps With:
•  Severe gum recession (i.e. black triangles)
•  Spaces that collect food between teeth
•  Small, worn, or chipped teeth
•  Stained, uneven surfaces on front teeth
•  Shortening of teeth due to grinding
•  Give you a more youthful look

Many of our patients have never heard of Bioclear and they have questions about this treatment. Here are the answers to some of your most asked questions.

What are Bioclear Veneers?

Bioclear veneers are different from traditional porcelain dental veneers. Standard veneers are a thin porcelain shell that we customize to fit your objective. The original tooth is ground dramatically in size and the shell is placed on top. Bioclear veneers take a much more conservative approach with a lot less grinding and manipulation. Instead of a shell, we create a form around the tooth to meet your objective. That form is then filled with the Bioclear product and hardened in place. The result is a much more minimally invasive restoration that is stronger, longer lasting, and affordable.

Why Choose the BioClear Technique?

We love the Bioclear technique because it meets our philosophy of conservative, minimally invasive dentistry. It is always best to take the least approach first. Though traditional veneers can significantly enhance your look, we think you’ll find that this approach offers an aesthetically superior look that is more affordable, longer lasting, and stronger.

Is BioClear Right for Me?

Bioclear Veneers are a minimally invasive cosmetic enhancement that is recommended for most patients seeking treatment. We recommend them for:

Anyone with Teeth that would Benefit from Restorative or Cosmetic Enhancement

Teeth are amazingly strong, but they are still subject to problems. There are multiple reasons a person may be dissatisfied with the look of their teeth. We recommend Bioclear veneers to help with teeth that are:
•  Chipped
•  Misshapen
•  Gapped
•  Discolored
•  Worn

If you have wanted to fix your teeth, but not cut them down for veneers or crowns - we can provide the most conservative cosmetic treatment possible to help you achieve healthy, aesthetically-pleasing teeth for 40% less cost of average cosmetic procedures.

Bioclear uses specially designed clear matrices and warm injection molding techniques with no or minimal damage to your tooth structure. The restorations are monolithic and not layered, which makes it three times stronger than normal bonding. We can rejuvenate chipped or worn edges of teeth and all of this is done with no or minimal damage. Also, a Bioclear Veneer is less expensive, repairable - unlike a porcelain veneer - and it saves tooth structure.

Anyone Who wants Enhancement Without Irreversible Damage to their Natural Enamel

A step that many people do not realize in traditional veneers is the shaving of their natural tooth. The natural tooth is significantly reduced in size and reshaped in such a way that it will never be the same again. The tooth will always require a prosthodontic going forward.

Tooth structure loss in placing a veneer is irreversible and once they fracture, they cannot be repaired. Bioclear is not only natural-looking, but treatment can be completed on the same day.

Anyone Suffering with Black Triangles

Black triangles is a phrase that is used to describe gaps in your teeth. They are known as open gingival embrasures and are a result of gum tissue recession between your teeth. The look is often associated with an aging transformation. If you have black triangles you are more prone to get food stuck and accumulate excessive plaque.

Anyone Who Needs a Filling

Insurance companies believe dental fillings will need to be replaced within two years. We hope that your fillings will last longer with the Bioclear technique. Whenever a filling is replaced, the more tooth structure you will lose.

Long Lasting and Repairable

Like traditional veneers, the average lifespan of Bioclear veneers can vary greatly depending on how you care for them. Both treatments average about a decade in wear. The biggest difference with Bioclear is the ease of repair. Traditional porcelain veneers should last you many years, but they are subject to breakage. When breakage occurs, you will need to replace the veneer shell which will be expensive and require at least two office visits. Bioclear Veneers likewise should last you many years, they are less susceptible to breakage, but if they do, they can be repaired in place.

Stain Resistant

Restorations completed using Bioclear do not stain like a composite filling or even like a porcelain crown. Your Bioclear veneer will stain like natural tooth enamel but can easily be maintained with regular brushing and routine dental cleanings. We advise you to develop and maintain a healthy oral hygiene routine of daily brushing and flossing to care for your restoration as you should your natural teeth.

Less Cost

Your dental cosmetic treatment is always customized, so prices can vary. On average, Bioclear veneers are 25-50% less in cost than traditional veneers. This is in part because we are cutting out the dental lab for fabrication of a porcelain shell and completing the work in one office visit as opposed to two. The cost of our expertise, artistry, and time is still factored in. Going forward, any repairs are also less for the same reasons stated.

Are you interested in longer-lasting restorations, to reshape your teeth, or to close black triangles to create an attractive smile? Contact San Francisco Dental Arts at 415-854-9396 today.

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