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Is it Safe to Put a 3-year-old Under Anesthesia for Dental Purposes?

Posted on 8/8/2022 by San Francisco Dental Arts
Is it Safe to Put a 3-year-old Under Anesthesia for Dental Purposes?When undertaking surgical operations on children, it is important to put them under anesthesia. This helps the child remain calm and relaxed. It also eliminates all the bad memory that the child would have acquired through that process. However, some parents and even medical practitioners have questioned the safety of anesthesia on children. This is a very serious problem for children who have to undergo dental surgeries.

Do They put Toddlers to Sleep for Fillings?

The age of the child does matter when considering the type of medical procedure to be carried out. For children under the age of one year, it is advisable to avoid any surgical procedures unless very vital. For toddlers, these include children that are over 12 months old to 36 months, regular surgeries such as dental ones are allowed.

When performing surgery of any nature, the dentist will put the child under anesthesia. Your child will sleep throughout the procedure and will not have any memory of the events. This is the best option for toddlers.

Side effects of Anesthesia on Children

Anesthesia might have some side effects on different people. Although anesthesia is generally safe and should be embraced, your child might suffer a few defects. The most common ones are headaches, dizziness, and fatigue. If you realize that the child is tired after the procedure does not worry too much as it is normal.

Can You Use Local Anesthesia on Children

Local anesthesia only numbs the region to be operated on, contrary to full anesthesia which numbs the whole body. Local anesthesia is okay but not recommended for children. With local anesthesia, the child will have to see and remember the events that take place in the surgery room. This is not recommended for children under the age of ten years.
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