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The Latest Advances In Digital Dentistry

Posted on 8/21/2023 by San Francisco Dental Arts
The Latest Advances In Digital Dentistry Technological advancement has made visits to the dental office more convenient, fast, safe, and dependable. Digital dentistry has to do with computer-based technology that dentists use to conduct inspections, diagnoses, and treatments. From when you check in, to the treatment phase, digital dentistry has made this transformation possible.

Virtual Reality

Virtual or augmented reality has many forms. The most common form in dental practice is headsets for creating a needful distraction. Instead of mounted televisions on the wall, headsets create a more personalized system of distraction. Additionally, virtual reality influences pain perception and management. The drop in alleged pain makes it easier for dentists to diagnose and treat patients comfortably. VR has become supportive in training students, especially in developing issues that require specialization.

Intraoral Cameras Versus Traditional Tiny Round Mirrors

Intraoral devices scan the inside of the mouth to create an instant digital imprint. They have a magnifying effect for easy visibility. These cameras can magnify the size of your tooth to the size of your head when viewing on the screen. With such enlarged images it is almost impossible to miss a thing. Intraoral cameras provide dentists with a platform to share the images with patients for them to better understand the state of their oral condition. Crowns and bridges also become a seamless treatment procedure. The images from intraoral cameras can be transferred to lab technicians to enable them to tailor make bridges and crowns customized to your natural teeth.

Digital X-Rays As Compared To Traditional Films

Though traditional X-rays have been in existence since time immemorial, there has been great advancement over time. Digital X-rays are instant and the images are accessible for analysis on the screen with the click of a button. Traditional films not only took time to process but also had to be stored away in cabinets. Digital X-rays make image retrieval easier. All the information is stored in the cloud or server. Digital X-rays have lesser radiation exposure as compared to traditional films. Bottom line? You need to subscribe to us for the best digital dental experience.
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