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How Does Plaque Affect Teeth' Well-Being?

Posted on 6/19/2023 by San Francisco Dental Arts
How Does Plaque Affect Teeth' Well-Being?Oral piercing has, over time, been considered an act of courage over the pain experienced during its fitting and a form of expression to the world. Of course, we live in a world of democracy where everyone is entitled to their culture and expression. Our dentists foster the freedom of expression of any form among our patients. We never advise against oral pricing but recommend necessary measures to ensure proper health care and condition.

Oral piercing entails piercing of the tongue, cheek, lips, and uvula. Often, these parts are more sensitive than ear piercings, requiring pragmatic attention during and after the procedures.

Potential Risks That May Call for Medical Checkups

Oral piercing has been associated with the interference of normal body functions; hence when one shows any of the following signs, it's time to visit a dentist for further examination.

Infection and Swelling

Due to the presence of millions of harmful bacteria in the mouth, it makes sense why you may have an infection and ultimately swellings in your mouth after an oral piercing procedure. The wounds left on the tongue are prone to bacterial infections, especially with frequent touches with dirty hands. Once you notice such symptoms, please make a point of visiting our dentists for immediate interventions.

Gums and Teeth Damages

The placement of jewelry in the mouth comes with its impacts. You may experience frequent biting of the oral piercings, resulting in cracked and chipped teeth. Furthermore, the jewelry can injure the delicate gums leading to bleeding and increasing the risks of other dental infections. Consider visiting our dentists once you notice excessive bleeding and tooth damage for treatments.


People forget about their allergies while considering oral piercings. After installing the metallic jewelry in the mouth, one may develop allergic reactions leading to other severe dental complications. Please visit our dentists for more information on your allergic reactions to metals. If you experience similar and other signs after oral piercings, visit our offices for immediate interventions.
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