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Dental Care Is Important, No Matter How Long It Has Been Since Your Last Appointment

Posted on 6/21/2021 by Ashley Aguilar
Dental Care Is Important, No Matter How Long It Has Been Since Your Last AppointmentWhile your teeth may look and feel fine, you should schedule regular appointments at least twice a year. Starting this routine at an early age is vital to keep your mouth healthy. Also, it will help in the early detection of oral problems, including oral cancer, gum disease, and cavities, allowing early treatment to prevent them from becoming severe. Thus, no matter how long it has been since your last appointment, you should schedule one to avoid tooth decay, gum disease and preserve your overall health.

Prevention of Tooth Decay and Gum Disease

Regular brushing and flossing will keep your mouth clean and prevent the accumulation of plaque. However, over time, plaque will still accumulate in your gums and teeth, even with the best brushing and flossing techniques. The plaque will then feed harmful bacteria in the mouth, releasing acids that wear your teeth enamel resulting in cavities. If untreated, the cavity will grow bigger and penetrate your inner tooth causing tooth decay. Harmful mouth bacteria will also cause gum disease, which, if untreated, will advance to severe periodontal disease resulting in bone loss, which makes your teeth loose and may cause them to fall out eventually.

Preservation of Overall Health

Dental health directly links to your overall health. Cavities and decayed teeth will limit your chewing capabilities, making you avoid certain foods. This, in turn, will affect your nutrient intake, and over time deteriorate your health. Failure to visit us for a regular checkup will also result in periodontal disease, which links to other life-threatening conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Given the above risks of poor dental care, you should schedule your next checkup with us for a healthy mouth. We will examine your teeth for cavities and gum disease then administer treatment. Also, we will remove plaque, preventing further accumulation. For more details on dental care, contact our office today.
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