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CEREC Crowns vs. Traditional Crowns: Which is Better?

Posted on 3/8/2021 by Ashley Aguilar
CEREC Crowns vs. Traditional Crowns: Which is Better?Dentists generally recommend a dental crown when one of your teeth has suffered damage. A crown is a tooth-shaped cap that covers the damaged tooth.

Crowns are made of various materials such as metal, ceramic, resin, and porcelain. A Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics (CEREC) crown is made from strong ceramics and the procedure to fix it usually takes only a single day.

Pros of a CEREC Crown

CEREC crowns are a technological innovation that have quickly become the preferred option for patients. Here are some of its major benefits:

Short Procedure Time

A CEREC crown can be fitted in your mouth in a single day. Dentists prepare the tooth, create the crown, and then fix it in place within 2 hours. For traditional crowns, on the other hand, dentists prepare the tooth and fix a temporary crown in the first visit. It is then followed by a second visit where the permanent crown is cemented in place.

Strong Material

CEREC crowns are made from porcelain, which is robust and less prone to wear and tear from chewing and biting. For people with extremely powerful or misaligned bites, these crowns can be combined with metal or gold to strengthen them.


It is not easy to spot a CEREC crown inside someone's mouth. It does not have a metal core, which makes it look quite similar to natural teeth. According to research, CEREC crowns benefit from not having a dark core to disturb the reflection of light.

Cons of a CEREC Crown

While there are various benefits of opting for a CEREC crown, some drawbacks also exist. Here is why some people may still go for a traditional crown:

Less Durable

Traditional crowns have a metal core and a porcelain exterior, while CEREC crowns are exclusively made of porcelain. Metal base can add strength and structure to the crown.

Not Ideal For Front Teeth

Traditional crowns and caps are more intricately made than CEREC crowns, making them more suitable for front teeth where they are more visible. Often, this depends on the skill of the dentist as the laboratory can infuse greater detail into the crown.

Despite some disadvantages, CEREC crowns are a more technologically advanced solution and are gaining increasing popularity. If you have a damaged tooth, schedule an appointment with us at San Francisco Dental Arts by calling us at San Francisco Dental Arts today.
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