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How Can You Tell If A Dental Implant Is Successful?

Posted on 9/11/2023 by San Francisco Dental Arts
How Can You Tell If A Dental Implant Is Successful?When you have missing teeth, you will experience oral issues such as improper chewing. It will also affect your smile and facial posture. Considering a dental implant can be a good idea. A dental implant is a perfect tooth replacement procedure. It presents a prosthesis that has similar characteristics to the natural teeth. Implants are effective in supporting crowns and bridges. This procedure has a high success rate of over 90%. Like other dental procedures, they can fail. Infections and other dental issues can affect jaw bones leading to a failed implant. However, you can tell whether your dental implant is successful or not. Here is how:

It Is Stable

Stability is the first sign of a successful dental implant. After the implant procedure, a biological process known as osseointegration occurs. This process involves the growth of cells around the implant surface, anchoring it to the jaw bones. The process continues, which enhances the implant stability reflecting its success.

When osseointegration does not happen, your dental implant fails, leading to mobility. However, you may not realize it unless a dentist assesses it. The implant will be moving when you are talking or chewing.

No Discomfort or Pain

Pain and discomforts are common experiences after the dental implant process. The dentist will prescribe painkillers to calm and control this pain. However, it should go away after some time. When the pain is long-lasting and severe, it signifies a failed implant. Zero discomfort or pain during chewing and talking is evidence that your dental implant was a success.

Health Status of The Gum Tissues

Successful implants retain your gum tissue's health. You should not have any gum infections days after the procedure. If the gum surrounding the implant has an infection, your implant is failing, and you need to consult a dentist for the way forward.

Are you worried about the status of your dental implants? Schedule an appointment today for a dental implant examination with one of our dentists.
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